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    • 威澄電器
    • 威澄電器
    • 威澄電器
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    Cixi Fuhai Weicheng Electric Factory is flanges, couplings, pulleys, wind impeller, impeller insert, brakes, reducers, power cord, plastic pulleys, motors, mixers Washing, washing machine drum washing machine timer control, irons and other professional production and processing of individual businesses, the company is headquartered in Cixi four border village cattle town historian bog Road bridge south, Cixi Haiwei cheng Electric Factory has a complete and scientific quality management system.Enterprises with advanced production equipment, professional technical staff ...
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    Add:Niunitang Road Sijie Village Fuhai Cixi Zhejiang
    Contact:Mr.Lu | 13506784004
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    Copyright@Cixi Fuhai Weicheng Electric Factory Add:Niunitang Road Sijie Village Fuhai Cixi Tel:0574-63560798 Fax:0574-63560798 Contact:Mr.Lu | 13506784004
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